Sweet Talk/Testimonials

“I found Liana at a time in my life when I was taking a risk and starting my own business. It was a time of uncertainty for me. What I did know was that I needed a website and I needed one fast. I had no knowledge of where or how to begin. Fortunately, Liana was instrumental in helping me navigate through this process. Liana guided me – virtually held my hand – and made this process seamless. Despite the distance between us and our different time zones, Liana was always accessible to me. Her response time to my emails was incredible. As a new business owner creating a website for the first time, I changed my mind often, needed options, had many questions and needed a lot of guidance. Liana stepped up to the plate each and every time. Liana helped make a challenging task for me simple and effortless. On top of it all, her cheery emails and thoughtful and encouraging words were always a great addition to my day. I’m so thankful to have found Liana when I did and to have had the opportunity to work with her.” ~D.H. :: Lawyer

“I am so glad that Liana and I crossed paths. She was patient and nurturing when I was struggling with conceptualizing my website. She was focused and on target during the development and roll out phase. She left no rock unturned when I came up with a question. Liana adapts to your way of getting things done to ensure quick and consistent two-way communication. She is a miracle worker disguised as a VA!” ~Anna Giraldo-Kerr :: Founder, Shades of Success Coaching

Liana is hard-working and passionate. She is a great listener and that’s one of the most important skills to have in any business – big or small. It’s listening carefully that allows her to understand what a client wants out of their business. Not only is she a great listener, but she’s also engaged as she listens. I always feel comfortable around her and feel as though I can talk to her about anything. Liana is creative and has made strides to make and offer things clients want. She even helps bring out the creative side of me, too!” ~ Victor B. :: Small Business Owner :: Mac Expert ::

Liana is very dedicated, always working on something, and that includes giving shout-outs and being supportive of other small businesses. She is also thoughtful, always thinking of others and sympathetic to what others are going through. I can tell how caring she is, even during rough times. Interacting with Liana is one of the best parts of my day. I know I’ll have a good laugh or get to talk about thigns that are on my mind. She has a cool aura, has a kind of low key chill presence about her that puts people at ease, and is easy to talk to.” ~ Justin S. :: Artist ::

Liana is very honest and hard-working. I have enlisted her to assist me in getting things organized like my company’s newsletter system. She has put together our contact list, created a template that compliments my gym’s website and takes care of creating the content and distributing the newsletter. Whenever she has helped out with customer service at the gym she makes people feel at ease and I trust her opinion completely.” ~ David H. :: Gym Owner, Artist, Musician ::

“Liana has such a great personality. Because she is such an amazing person, it is only natural for her to be her wonderful authentic self. She would certainly win the Miss Congeniality award at life! She always thinks big and has the follow through to get things done. I love her conversational writing style and how clear and clever she is with it – it’s simply refreshing.” ~ Miranda F. :: Therapist ::

Liana is passionate, devoted, and driven. But one of her best strengths, and a major reason I like being around her, is that she is very considerate of those around her. I can’t count the number of times she has been there for me and comforted me. No matter how busy she is, she will do what it takes to take the time out of her day to see how I am doing. Her intuition is impeccable. In my opinion, these are definitely important tools as someone who is in a position to influence and build a client’s business. She is truly a genuine person.” ~ Victor T. :: E.M.T., Musician ::