Here are just a couple examples of sites I have created for my amazing clients…

The Culinary Cookie

If you want to see a site that will make you hungry, please check out the talented Diana Cooke of The Culinary Cookie. Diana came to me via referral from another happy client {I sure am lucky!} wanting to have a place to display her work and information as she continued to focus on growing her business as a personal chef. She wanted to have potential clients visit a site that showed some of her service offerings as well as mouth-watering images of her dishes. She is one of the sweetest people and I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with her.

Macay MMA

Xavier Macay is a professional MMA fighter, a personal trainer and a super talented Capoeira kids instructor. He had a previous site and we worked together to create a more up-to-date place to showcase his talents, current projects and classes. This is another site that is a work in progress since he is going to continue to grow and do even more wonderful things.

Shades of Success

Shades of Success was the first site I created for Anna Giraldo-Kerr who is an author, coach and consultant. We collaborated on creating a brand new site with a new look and switched her over from TypePad to WordPress. Anna is wonderful!

Anna Giraldo-Kerr

After Anna began working with new clients, her focus shifted a bit and she wanted to change her site up a little. She still offers up insightful blog posts and consulting work. Visit her at Anna Giraldo-Kerr.

This site is still a work in progress {as all sites are, aren’t they?}. This is a mock-up for Leadership’s ROI who are a consulting team that teach leadership skills through their years of experience in the Human Resources and police/detective field. They are a great power combo!

The Real Leader

After a name change, we worked on changing Leadership’s ROI to a simple informational site for upcoming training courses and coaching sessions. The Real Leader offers up lessons onĀ  how to be a practical, relevant, generous leader.

I set up this site as a basic, professional way for this family and matrimonial law office to have a place for new clients to have her information readily available. It was a site that needed to be clean and simple. Another great client to work with!