Let’s Work!

Does the idea of designing email newsletters and marketing campaigns make your skin crawl? Do words like Twitter and Facebook make you pull your hair out {or force you to purchase more hair dye}? Do you want to scream just thinking about setting up a website?

Well today is your lucky day! Say Hip-Hip Hooray because I can be your V.A.!!! I want you to spend time doing what you love. I’ll handle the rest. Think of me as your go-to girl. Your right-hand {super}woman. Let me assist you in taking control of the precious hours of your day so you get to focus on doing what makes your heart happy.

I love to work with clients who are in creative fields {artists, designers, musicians, craftspeople}, who are in the business of helping others {gym owners, personal trainers, aestheticians, life coaches}, and who are passionate about what they do. I want to work with you in building a long-term relationship. A friendship, even. Together, we can partner to build and grow your empire.

We can do this by focusing on communications, techie stuff, and marketing. For example…

Get Me Goin’.
You’re ready to start your business and it’s overwhelming. Don’t know where to start? Get your WordPress website, newsletter/contact management system, scheduling system, and Facebook Business Page all set up. In one swoop. It’s that easy. And let’s get you on your way to bringing in the money!

V.I.P. List.
You’ve got peeps. They like you. They want to know what you’re up to. Great! Now what? Let me get your contact list and newsletter all tidy and organized. It’ll be fun! Promise.

Get me on the Interwebs.
I am a visual person. How about you? Many times people want to see you and check you out before working with you. You need a site or a blog. WordPress is the perfect way to get something up that’s clean and shows off your goods. Plus, I can help link up your PayPal account {you wanna get paid, right?}.

I’m so Fancy I have a Personal Shopper.
I really love seeking out just the perfect gift. Something that will be appreciated because it is unique and thoughtful. As the creator of Mixed Plate, I am passionate about supporting handmade designs so just give me your list and I’ll get it done! Maybe you need a thank you gift. Or an “I was just thinking of you” gift. Heck, maybe even an “oops, my bad” gift. Doesn’t matter who it’s for -  friend, family member, co-worker, client, the cute guy or girl at the coffee shop, your personal trainer, your hairstylist, your UPS guy – I can find it, wrap it, and even ship it for you. Super simple.

While I am more of a technical do-gooder, I can also help you with a variety of other services. Need help sending out email follow-ups to your clients? Need assistance with sending out invoices {You wanna get paid, right? Cha-ching!}? Just let me know. I’m sure we can figure it out together!

Shoot me an email at liana@lianamiyamura.com or fill out this form to set up your free 15-minute consultation. Let’s get the conversation started on how we can get your business to sparkle a little more and give you back some time.