Hi! I’m Liana.

I was born and raised in Hawai’i and now live in San Francisco. Becoming a Virtual Assistant was a natural step being that I have an entrepreneurial spirit and background along with a passion for helping and promoting small businesses and solopreneurs. In addition to launching LianaMiyamura.com in December 2011, I am the owner and editor of Mixed Plate {a blog featuring handmade artists, designers, companies, etc.} and the owner and designer of On a Friday {my handmade jewelry line}.

In 2011 I took the plunge and received certifications from the Authentic Virtual Assistant Training Program as well as the Geek Goddess Technical Training Program and I had such a blast that I decided to jump into the Advanced Course. In addition, I was able to participate in an unbelievable class called {Operation} OMG! by one of my favorite people ever, Gia Duke, where I focused on launching my Virtual Assistant Business.

Here’s a little bit about my work background:

1. Project & Operations Manager/Compliance Officer at a small woman-owned company specializing in medical chart audits and medical coding {sounds serious but we had fun. I swear.}.
2. Medical Assistant and Medical Transcriptionist (that means I can take good care of you, have legible handwriting, and can type supa fast}.
3. Managed retail stores {yup, I know how to fold clothes, have a knowledge of candy, and can flash you a big ol’ smile}.

But you wanna know more. Admit it. Hidden talents? Not really. Just 10 fun facts…

1. I’ve made some mean milkshakes {cookies-n-cream, anyone?}.
2. I can write backwards {true story. ask me about it.}.
3. I love to wrap {pretty paper + ribbon + stickers + tapes = happy, happy, joy, joy!}. I also love rap.
4. I can recite the words to songs I haven’t heard since Jr. High {What?! Go ahead. Test me.}.
5. I’ve wrangled kids {Y.M.C.A. Summer Camp Leader. Oh, yeah!}.
6. I love spontaneous hair change-ups {new cut? new color? I’m in!}.
7. When I’m in the mood I turn the music up and just shake it {hoping no one can see into my apartment}.
8. I am obsessed with Criminal Minds {uh, hello? Shemar Moore!} and Parks and Recreation {since we’re gonna be friends, Google Ron Swanson}.
9. I love animals {I’m not too old for Petting Zoos, right?!}.
10. My favorite kind of workout includes punching and kicking {I love to pretend I’m really tough}.

Check me out. I’m fancy: